Lindbergh Furs is proudly Canadian, with a team possessing over 80 years design experience. We are committed to unwavering quality, exceptional design, and varied options. 

Our line of unisex fur collars is specifically designed to maximize wearability, and value. The interchangeability of our collars, means they can be worn all year long, with an endless variety of stylish looks. They retain as much heat as a warm scarf. In the Fall/Winter they look fantastic over a wool coat, In spring pair them with a light/leather jacket, and on late summer evenings out they look great paired with a dress.

We offer a wide array of options, colors, and textures to compliment different styles, complexions, eye colors, and tastes. Our products are designed, sourced, and made, right here in Canada. We use only the finest quality fur available, from SAGA approved sources. This guarantees our materials are sourced from ethical farms, with high standards of care.